March Mayo Madness in Shibuya to Celebrate Japanese Mayonnaise Day!

  • Happy belated Japanese mayonnaise day! Did you know that on March 1, 2016, they officially celebrated mayonnaise day in Japan? So it comes as no surprise that the undisputed king of Japanese mayonnaise, Kewpie has an entire cafe to celebrate this momentous occasion.

    To commemorate this there was a Kewpie Grand Prix contest of chefs showing off their mayonnaise creations using the ubiquitous Japanese Kewpie product. Sample winners include taro miso mayonnaise gratin, braised misaki meouro tuna with seasonal veggie mayo don, and five varieties of dipping sauce to name a few. The uses for this little bottle of yumminess is endless!

    Kewpie Mayo Cafe

    Subsequently, there is even a cafe, Kewpie Mayo Cafe, that will be open for the entire month of March to showcase not only the above menu but all things Kewpie!

    Welcome to Shibuya, where inside an unassuming second-floor of a crowd favorite Loft store is kewpie Mayo Cafe which is only be available for a limited time. There are rotating lunch and dinner menus for those that cannot get enough of Kewpie’s delicious mayonnaise.

    On top of that, there is nothing quite like a giant plastic broccoli art centerpiece with hanging Kewpie bottle lights to say welcome to Kewpie town!

    Decor and Food

    The cafe’s decor and food are all appropriately from Kewpie; from overhead hanging light fixtures created from empty Kewpie bottles to the main condiment provided on each table, of course. This is the perfect place for all die hard Kewpie fans, and the Kewpie mayo is in its customary upside down position, as it should be!

    There is even a gift shop where you can buy table fixtures, including the upside down Kewpie mayonnaise bottle holder itself and of course mayonnaise. So hurry on down to Shibuya’s Loft department store to get some first-hand experience of Kewpie’s amazing mayonnaise – you won’t regret it. Itadakimsu!

    Kewpie Website*Japanese Only


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