7 Attractive Museums in Nagoya

  • Nagoya is the city that has some museums that interesting to visit. From technology-style museum until cultural museum can be found in Nagoya. So what kind of museums we can visit? Check some lists here.

    1. Nagoya City Science Museum

    A huge and complete science museum which bring you to the scientific experience. This museum is one of icon of Nagoya. With the big globe hang in the top of museum, people can recognize this museum. This museum also has a planetarium that you also can’t miss. You need some times to spend in this big museum. Please visit this website.


    2. Nagoya City Art Museum

    Open in 1988, this Museum has collections of arts from major works, such as: Ecole de Paris, Mexican Renaissance, Contemporary artist, and local artist. This museum has some facilities like: permanent collection gallery, temporary exhibition gallery, auditorium, library, shop and coffee shop.


    3. Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts

    This museum is a sister museum of fine arts in Boston. The exhibitions are selected from one of the world’s finest collections. This museum aims to give knowledge for Japanese people know great masterpieces as well as appreciate arts from period that only little that Japanese people ever known.


    4. Nagoya City Museum

    Located closed to Sakurayama subway station, this great museum offers historical things from Owari Region, where Nagoya is situated and other Japanese history. The collections come from private gifts from people in the city and purchasing by city’s budget. For more information please visit this website.

    5. Tokugawa Art Museum

    Established by The Tokugawa Reimeikai Foundation, the museum provides twelfth century illustrated Tale of Genji. Surviving air bombing in world war 2, this museum completely renovated in 1987. At the core of the collection is the objects from first shogun, Ieyasu. for further info please visit this website.


    6. Aichi Prefectural Museum of Arts

    The museum has collections of arts from international and domestic in twentieth century. It is good for someone who’s interesting in arts. For further information, please visit this website.


    7. Toyota Commemorative Museum and Technology

    This huge and amazing museum give an information about the evolvement of Toyota. As many 4000 exhibition stuff, this museum will show equipments and demonstration on how things work. Please visit this website