Get Your Cuteness Overload at PomPom Purin’s Tokyo 20th Birthday Street Event

  • There are a lot of popular characters in Japan, presented to us by a number of well known brands. Sanrio is one of those brands, and continues to bring us the cutest or sometimes weirdest characters possible. One of their popular characters is PomPom Pudding, who is turning 20 this year!

    PomPom Purin

    PomPom Purin was first introduced in 1996 by Sanrio, and its birthday is on April 16. PomPom Purin is a golden retriever who wears his trademark beret, and it makes him look like a character pudding, just as his name suggests.

    PomPom Purin is a popular character who was voted the Most Popular Sanrio Character twice in Strawberry News. With PomPom Purin’s 20th anniversary coming up, the Mofu Mofu Street Event is something to look forward to!

    Mofu Mofu Street Event

    During the course of the event that started on March 11th 2016, a special area will be opened at Sanrio Puroland, featuring cute dog PomPom Purin. There will be a Photo Spot, an Original Goods Anniversary Shop, and also a spot where you can touch Pompom Purin’s butt coming out of the fridge, and there will be workshops too!

    Pompom Purin Limited Food

    For the duration of the event there will also be limited PomPom Purin food for the visitors to enjoy! 3 of these items include:

    Poppurin Corn is a combination of bitter chocolate and banana, made into a sweet rich flavored popcorn for ¥400.

    The Purin Purin! Oshiri Cake is an image of PomPom Purin’s popular butt, made into a mini cake with strawberry flavor inside for ¥600.

    The Cream Purin Shake is a Pudding flavored Shake that is topped off with Chocolate Cream for ¥500.

    Shinjuku Station’s Huggable PomPom Purin

    If you dropped by Shinjuku Station’s Tokyo Metro Promenade between March 7th and 13th, you got to encounter 11 different huggable PomPom Purins, with each dog wearing a different expression! These huggable Purin’s were on show in preparation for Pompom Purin’s 20th anniversary.

    Pompom Purin’s cuteness is loved by people of all ages, and surely the Mofu Mofu Street Event is something that many people will enjoy. If you’re coming to Tokyo soon and are looking for a place to enjoy your stay with family or friends, then make sure you check out this event!

    If the event has already finished by the time you read this, don’t be sad as you can always visit the Sanrio Puroland amusement park for an overdose of cute, or get into the PomPom Purin atmosphere at the POMPOMPURIN cafe in Harajuku in Tokyo, you can click here for directions to the cafe.

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