Sakura McFizz and Ume Fries Are Now Available at Japanese McDonald’s for a Limited Time!

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  • Over the years, McDonald’s has developed many different types of food flavors that have astonished and scared many of its’ customers. McDonald’s Japan is no exception to this. Some of the limited time food that has been released by the fast food chain include chocolate fries and the Black Burger. This spring, McDonald’s Japan has brought in two new delicious spring flavored food items. Sakura McFizz(マックフィズ さくらチェリー) and Shaka Shaka Potato Ume Fries (シャカシャカポテトうめ).

    Shaka Shaka Ume Fries (シャカシャカポテトうめ)

    The seasoned french fries can be created with the plum seasoning which comes in a small pink packet. This can be purchased for ¥30 with an order of any size fries. Inside the packet is umeboshi (pickled plum) seasoning. To make the seasoned fries, simply put the fries inside an extra paper bag provided by McDonalds and pour the seasoning packet into the bag then shake! Hence the name ‘shaka shaka’. Once eaten it is said to have a lovely combination of sweet and savory that delights the tongue.

    Sakura McFizz(マックフィズ さくらチェリー)

    The next item available for the spring sale is the Sakura McFizz. It is a cold carbonated drink flavored with a cherry blossom syrup. The syrup sinks to the bottom creating a beautiful pink hue, however, it is recommended you mix the drink with your straw before consuming it to get a more even flavor. The only reason the cherry blossom flavored syrup does not overpower the entire drink is because of the fizz. The fizz balances the drink out and creates a lovely refreshing experience. It is sure to help you enjoy spring time. The drink can be purchased for ¥250.

    Alternatively, you can purchase the seasonal items as the McDonald’s Spring Set. The Spring Set is ¥690 and features the Camembert Teritama burger (medium size). The Camembert Teritama burger is a pork patty with a sweet teriyaki ginger sauce, eggs, lettuce, Camembert blend cheese, and lemon sauce, topped with a sesame bun. The Shaka Shaka Ume Fries or the Sakura Mcfizz can be added to the set for ¥30.

    If you are in Japan this spring then you should definitely try out these sakura themed items from McDonalds. They are sure to remind you of springtime. But hurry! These delicious items are only available until early April so be sure to try them while you can!

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