Perfume Released Their Single, ”Flash”, But That’s Not All!

  • Pop music is a favorite genre of many all throughout the world and is great for bringing up the beat and mood of the listener. Even in Japan, the love for pop music can be felt everywhere and if you’re an avid listener of Japanese pop artists, then you surely must have heard of Perfume!

    Perfume, a long-running Japanese pop girl group, released a great single. But that’s not the only thing to go crazy for!

    Background of Perfume

    Perfume is a well known Japanese pop girl group consisting of three members, Kashino Yuka (樫野有香) or Kashiyuka, Nishikawa Ayaka (西脇綾香) or A-chan and Omoto Ayano (大本彩乃) or Nocchi. The group was formed in 2000 but it took them a while to gain popularity, which started around 2007 when their single Polyrhythm was chosen to be the theme song for an NHK campaign that year.

    The group’s popularity now even reaches worldwide audiences with Perfume conducting concerts both in Japan and international tours.

    Perfume’s Newest Single “Flash”


    Perfume’s newest single is entitled Flash, and it is was released on March 16th 2016. Flash is also the theme song used for the upcoming live-action movie version of the popular manga and anime Chihayafuru which you can hear in the trailer. One thing you’ll notice about the single, though, is its beautifully drawn jacket cover.

    The jacket cover is drawn by none other than the same person who drew Chihayafuru – Suetsugu Yuki. The single’s release is well timed as the first part of the Chihayafuru movie is set to show in theaters on March 19th. Aside from Perfume’s new single, the group will also soon be releasing their latest album on April 6th entitled Cosmic Explorer.

    Perfume’s newest single is sure to brighten up your mood. The group is reaching international breakthrough as well so if you’re a fan make sure to check out Flash and, of course, the live action movie of Chihayafuru too!

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