Love Funassyi? Then Check Out the Funassyi Cafe at Fukuoka Parco!

  • Want to grab a bite of the popular character Funassyi? Well you’re in luck! The mascot’s cafe is opening soon and will be offering a new menu to those who love the pear character! So if you’re in Fukuoka, then head down to the Funassyi Cafe!

    Who is Funassyi?

    Funassyi is a popular mascot character in Japan unofficially representing the city of Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture. Funassyi is a pear fairy who’s popularity has struck many inside and out of Japan which resulted in a number of TV appearances, commercials as well as its own anime series and character goods store.

    Funassyi Cafe

    Collaborating with the popular unofficial character from Funabashi, Chiba, the Funassyi Cafe will be opening at the Fukuoka Parco and is produced by THE GUEST cafe & diner from March 18th until May 15th running for a full two months for the popular pear fairy enthusiasts.

    With Funassyi as the motif for the cafe, there will be a number of original dishes on the food menu and as well as an assortment of sweets and drinks menu. Some of the items to look forward on the menu are the Fukkatsu! Funassyi Burger and the Funassyi Pancake.

    If you take note of the drinks and dessert items, you’ll even notice the beautifully coordinated Funassyi colors of yellow and blue giving a more eye-catching appeal to strengthen the appetite of customers too! Aside from the food menu, there will also be a photo spot where you can take a commemoration photo.

    Original limited design goods will also be sold at the cafe’s joint establishment where customers can choose from the Funassyi products available.

    The Funassyi Cafe offers a variety of cute looking food items. And I’m sure those who are fond of Funassyi would love this Cafe, not to mention taking photos of the food. The cafe will be opening soon for a limited time so make sure to go check it out for yourself!

    Funassyi Cafe Website

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