What to Expect on Cat Day in Japan to Celebrate our Feisty Feline Friends Every Year!

  • Cat Day in Japan falls on the 22nd of February every year even though the International Cat Day falls on the 8th of August. Besides dogs, cats are one of the most beloved pets in Japan. You can find a variety of cat-centric themes in Japan such as cat café, cat island, cat costumes and so on.

    How was Cat Day picked?

    Cat Day which is known as Neko no Hi, falls on the 22nd of February because the number ‘two’ which is ‘ni’ in Japanese, sounds similar to ‘nyan’ which is the Japanese equivalent to ‘meow’. Thus, 22/2 which is ‘ni ni ni’ sounds almost the same as ‘nyan nyan nyan’. Cat Day has been celebrated in Japan since 1987.

    How do the Japanese Celebrate it?

    So what do the Japanese do to celebrate Cat Day? Some of them just shower their cats with more love and affection with extra treats or toys. Some proud cat owners also resort to posting photos of their cats online. Some are average, but of course, the funnier photos seem to get more attention.

    There are also people who dress up for the occasion by wearing a cat costume too. Those who want to be more subtle usually only wear cat ears instead. Alternatively, some people dress their cats up instead of trying to hog all the attention themselves. However, it doesn’t seem like most cats enjoy getting dressed up, though.

    ‘Cat Food’

    Besides that, one can also take advantage of the celebration by making and selling cat-themed food. Otherwise, people can also celebrate buying and eat cat-themed food instead like these doughnuts specially made for Cat Day by Ikumi Mama Animal Doughnuts.

    How would you celebrate Cat Day? Browse the internet for cat memes perhaps? Those who aren’t fond of cats may tend to ignore the event and if that is the case, check out Ninja Day which falls on the same day!

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