A Ramen Lover’s Dream : Ramen museum in Shin Yokohama

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  • One of the more popular foods in Japan is ramen. It’s so much so that when Japanese go abroad one of the many foods they crave is ramen. There are numerous styles and flavors of ramen in Japan. An adventurous soul could buy a Japan Rail Pass and travel all over Japan tasting the various flavors of ramen each prefecture or city has to offer. For those that don’t have the time and money to go on such a trip there is one answer…the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

    Yes there is a museum dedicated to this wonderful Japanese dish. It’s not what you might think though. It is not a traditional museum where you can’t touch the exhibit. Instead they encourage you to not just touch the exhibits but to take a bite!

    Before you go and start munching on the plastic or rubber food models let me explain more what this place actually is. The Sin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is a more like a food-theme amusement park. It is here that you can enjoy numerous ramen flavors from at least nine regional areas in Japan. For the vegetarians our there no worries they even have a vegetarian menu.

    After filling up on ramen why not enjoy the other attractions at the ramen museum.

    The Museum Shop:

    Have a ramen lover at home? The Museum shop is sure to have a souvenir even for the most discerning ramen lover.

    IRIS Slot-Car Race Track

    Enjoy a slot-car race in one of Japan’s disappearing old pastime. You can rent and race slot cars. It’s a perfect distraction for kids or even a fun date.

    Yu-yake Shoten (Sunset Shopping)

    Experience Dagashi (old-fashioned Japanese sweets) in the Yu-yake Shoten.

    Kateko Café and Snack Shop:

    Tired from all the ramen or Dagashi-ya take a rest in this laid-back café reminiscent of old Japan.


    The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum provides a whole day’s worth of entertainment. So drop on down for a culturally fun filled day. Happy eating.

    Admission Information:
    Adult (13 years and older): 310 Yen
    Children (6 to 12 years old) and seniors over 60: 100 Yen
    Children (under 6): Free