Shiseido’s Beauty Salons for Kids: Children Learn About Careers in the Beauty Industry

  • Shiseido is a giant cosmetic company which is famous for its high-quality beauty products for women which are available in various price ranges like the drugstore line, department store line and premium line. Like many other huge cosmetics brands, Shiseido also does not neglect men as part of its target audience as there are products specifically aimed towards men as well. Unlike many other cosmetics companies, Shiseido also has the young ones in mind, so they have opened beauty salons for kids! After all, kids will grow up and they may use a wide range of Shiseido products in the future.

    The Salons

    The beauty salons for kids are available at Kidzania Koshien in Hyogo and Kidzania Tokyo. Kidzania is an indoor theme park which allows children to roleplay as adults by getting to experience a selection of more than 90 jobs.

    The Shiseido beauty salons are actually mock beauty salons, the purpose of which is to let children get an insight of how the beauty industry works. This is in the hopes of letting children enjoy the experience in the salon so as to encourage them to work in the beauty industry when they become adults.

    What the Kids Can Do There

    At the Shiseido beauty salons, children will get to experience being beauty consultants, being in customer service roles, and learning tips pertaining to beauty such as skin care, makeup, and nail care. In the past, Shiseido had conducted seminars for kids. These seminars were interactive and the children could learn about makeup and beauty treatments. Shiseido also introduced an online portal for kids prior to the establishment of the salons. The online portal mainly introduces the Shiseido brand and some beauty information. Thus, the salons are not Shiseido’s first effort to reach out to kids.

    What do you think about the set up of the beauty salons for kids? Some may argue that the beauty salons may instill vanity from a young age which may distract kids from their studies. However, I think it is a good move by Shiseido to establish the salons because not every child dreams to be an astronaut or chocolate maker. There are some children who wish to work in the beauty industry and they will get to learn a thing or two from the salons.

    Kidzania Website
    Kidzania Koshien Access (Hyogo)
    Kidzania Tokyo Access (Tokyo)

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