Need More Sailor Moon Goods? Try a Pair of These Sailor Moon Glasses!

  • Are you someone who feels insecure about wearing glasses because you think that glasses make you look less attractive? Don’t be! As Sailor Moon and her friends show that you can look totally chic when wearing glasses. All you need is a pair of glasses from this Sailor Moon series.

    JINS Sailor Moon Collection

    JINS is a leading eyewear brand in Japan. Recently, JINS collaborated with Bandai and Sailor Moon Crystal to produce this pretty collection of spectacles. The new range features glasses, cases and a cleaning cloth which feature the designs of the main characters from the Sailor Moon series.

    Sailor Senshi Line

    First up is this Sailor Senshi line which has a total of 6 designs based on each Sailor Senshi. The glasses are available in the 6 different colors represented by each Sailor Guardian. The inner temples of the glasses feature bow designs and the planetary symbol on the tip of the inner temples. The names of the characters are also imprinted on the outer part of the temples. The glasses exude a young, funky, and fun vibe!

    The glasses and case are priced at 8532 yen. If you would like to have the cleaning cloths as well, the set will cost you 9612 yen. The cloths feature designs of the characters in pretty frames. If you would like to purchase the cleaning cloths only, they will cost you 1080 each.

    Premium Line

    There is also this premium line which looks more elegant, mature, and refined. The set is comprised of the spectacles, case, and cleaning cloth and is priced at 12,960 yen, which is more expensive than the other line. They are available in the Princess Serenity Model and the Silver Crystal Model. The design of the glasses, cases and cleaning cloths are more subdued compared to the other line.

    Which line do you prefer? I am more in favor of the premium line as the sets look more sophisticated. For those interested, the Sailor Moon eyewear series is available for pre-order on Premium Bandai and JINS.

    *These products are not available any more as of June 2018.

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