Would you like to know Colonel Sanders’ Secret Ingredient used Only in Japan?

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  • Japan is famous for its unique food culture. Not only are long-beloved foods like sushi and tempura included in menus but ramen, gyoza, and other dishes from outside the country have been incorporated. These and other dishes have all been given an original Japanese twist. For example, Baskin-Robbins’ sakura ice cream, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts’ matcha kuromitsu flavored donut, and even Pepsi selling its sakura flavored cola. (Can you imagine what these taste like?)

    This time, we’ll introduce the item Kentucky Fried Chicken is selling only in Japan, and come closer to knowing the secret of their special menu.

    The Sweet and Salty Flavor Unique to Japan

    Sugar, soy sauce, and mirin have been used in Japanese cooking for a long time to make a bittersweet flavor. That special salty-sweet flavor is loved not only in Japan but throughout the world through seasonings like teriyaki sauce.

    Special Menu Items You Can Only Eat in Japan

    At Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in Japan, one popular item that uses a salty-sweet sauce is the Japanese Style Chicken Katsu Sandwich. The thickly sliced, soft chicken is covered with a crunchy coating and the taste of the sauce fills your mouth with every bite.

    Sandwiches are, of course, eaten throughout the world, but the richness of this flavor can be best experienced in Japan.

    Enjoy This Flavor in Any Part of Japan

    Many travelers who come to Japan may experience problems like the complexity of the transportation system, or not being able to connect or the interruption of a connection to wi-fi. Because of these problems, some people may give up on going to places they would like to go.

    However, Kentucky Fried Chicken is expanding all over the country, with 1,133 branches as of March 2016. Therefore, it is not only in popular tourist spots like Shibuya, Shinjuku or Osaka. You can also access the mobile site which has an English menu. You can also check which KFC shop is nearest you!

    So, how about taking a break from the usual chicken and biscuits and enjoying the chicken katsu sandwich?

    Limited-Time Cosplay?

    Statues of the famous Colonel Sanders can be found at several KFC shops in Japan, but that’s not even the funniest part. Some of these statues of the colonel are often dressed up according to the season or holiday!

    You can’t see cosplaying Colonel Sanders just anywhere, so if you do see him, you’re really lucky!

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