Cafe Kitsune: A Chic Place to Eat in Tokyo Produced By a French Brand

  • I had heard about this cafe multiple times from my friends who work around the Aoyama area, and I had been interested in it for a while. I finally got the chance to go the other day and it was definitely just as good as my friends had told me it would be.

    The Kitsune Brand

    What I found out after visiting this cafe is that this cafe is produced by the French fashion, art and music brand KITSUNE. They made their first shop in south Aoyama and since its opening in 2013, this cafe has been talked about in various fashion magazines. This cafe is a gorgeous combination of both traditional Japanese architecture and modern French decor.

    Other than the cafe itself, there is a clothes shop as well, selling things from the brand KITSUNE.

    Apparently the concept for this cafe is the type of “Japanese tea room” that French people imagine. The wallpaper in the cafe is inspired by traditional Japanese decor from the Edo period.

    The Cafe

    From 9 AM to 1 PM there is a morning menu called Kitsune Morning. There are two types of sets: the Parisien set (850 yen) and the Parisienne set (750 yen). The Parisien set consists of a ham and cheese baguette sandwich and a drink, and the Parisienne set consists of french toast and honey and a drink. The coffee served at Cafe KITSUNE are made by a Slayer Espresso machine, which there are only a few of in Japan, and a specially trained barista.

    Another cute little addition to your coffee break could be the Kitsune shortbread cookie. These delicious plain flavored cookies are the perfect accompaniment to the flavored lattes.

    Apparently one of the most popular order combinations is the matcha latte (680 yen) and the Kitsune cookie. The matcha latte is popular due to the fact that this cafe does a great job of blending the latte so the bitterness of the matcha is almost nonexistent.

    If you would like to learn more about Kitsune, you can check their website. Don’t forget to also check the map below for the Tokyo cafe!

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