Everything You Need to Know About Using Credit Cards and ATMs in Japan

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  • Japan is surely one of the best countries to visit in the entire world. It seems that all of Japan’s archipelago is filled with the tourist attractions one must visit. It has beautiful sceneries, colorful landscapes and rich architecture that draws visitors from different places. For that reason, if you want to visit Japan you must at least know something about using ATMs and Credit cards in this country.

    Can I use credit cards in Japan?

    You must know that Japan is a cash country, especially when you are visiting small towns. Unless in big cities, you seldom can find establishments, restaurants and even grocery stores that accept credit cards as a mode of payment. No matter how big the amount on your bill is, Japanese people definitely pay in cash. For this reason, always stack cash whenever you go skiing or mountain climbing. You may be checked-in a major ski resort in Japan but you will be surprised when the stores around you do not accept credit card payments.

    Where to find an ATM machine?

    You would not have to worry about finding an ATM machine in Japan. Like in any other country, Japan’s shopping malls and tourists destinations within the city have ATM machine facilities right at the spot or nearby. Furthermore, there is always an ATM machine in every 7-11 convenience store, which are not hard to find since they are scattered all over. However, bear in mind that when you go to small towns and provinces, ATM machines have a specific cut-off time and it is usually around 7 pm. Hence, to be safe, when you are planning a trip to a small town, withdraw enough money to suffice the entire trip.

    If you are afraid to lose your cash..

    Do not worry about losing your cash because Japan is a very peaceful country with minimum crime rate. So, carrying money and valuables when touring the entire country is absolutely safe. Aside from Japan’s beautiful attractions, one of its splendor is its nice and honest people. I haven’t heard of any pickpocket crime ever since I came to Japan.