Get Your Fill of ’All You Can Eat’ Delicious Contemporary Japanese Cuisine in Tokyo!

  • Do you have a big appetite? Try the contemporary Japanese buffet at The Imperial Viking Sal located in Imperial Hotel Tokyo. Prepare to be dazzled with the assortment of tantalizing cuisines from appetizers, roasts, salads to desserts. Some are even prepared right in front of you!



    The world is constantly changing and people are continuously looking for a creative yet sumptuous meal. Since the 1950s, eating large amounts starting becoming a regular occurrence in Japan. Thus, the word “viking” emerged which literally meant “buffet” for the Japanese. Its historic name can be traced back to post World War II when the country started becoming more open to the outside world. Along with this, people started creating new inventions and advancements even in the food industry.

    Why was the term Viking used?


    In 1957, the hotel manager of Imperial Hotel Tokyo traveled to Sweden and was mesmerized to see the number of buffet restaurants serving good food. This then prompted the idea to take the buffet concept back to Japan; it was received very well by customers even though it only started with simple dishes. The economy was also rather ‘tight’ during the post-World War II times so more food per yen was good news indeed! At first, they weren’t so sure what to call the concept; however after one of them saw the 1958 film, “The Vikings”, this prompted the use of the term “Viking” to describe the buffet concept. This was then followed by changing the name of the hotel restaurant to “Imperial Viking.”

    Imperial Viking Sal

    Imperial Viking Sal is located on the highest floor of Imperial Tokyo Hotel’s main building. Menus served are based on seasonal ingredients with some even being prepared right in front of you. There are over 40 varieties of dishes to choose from. A small space has been allocated for small parties in order to provide comfort and relaxation for 10-20 people. It is also the perfect spot to view the shimmering lights of Tokyo.

    Imperial Viking Sal is a fantastic restaurant in Japan to enjoy Japan’s traditional cuisine buffet-style. With that said, be sure to prepare yourself for a royal feast for your eyes and your palate before going!

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