Visit One of the Detective Conan Cafes for the Series’ 20th Anniversary!

  • If you grew up to loving how bad guys who plan crimes always get caught by witty detectives, chances are you’ve seen or heard of the popular manga and anime series Detective Conan from Japan. While this title may not be comparable to your CSI series nor other crime-involved series like Kindaichi, Detective Conan is one character in Japan that made its mark in this genre.

    And for its 20th year, Detective Conan is about to bring joy to its enthusiasts by not only bringing out a new movie but also by bringing back the well praised Detective Conan Cafe once again!

    Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare

    Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare is the 20th Detective Conan movie which is set for release in Japan on April 16th. The director for the film will once again be Shizuno Koubun, who is the same director from the previous Detective Conan films since 2011.

    Detective Conan Cafe

    In commemoration of the Detective Conan manga’s 20th anniversary, the Detective Conan Cafe is back once again to serve its crime loving enthusiasts in 6 locations. The manga author Aoyama Gosho himself is the one who selected the dishes to be sold in the cafe with some of the dishes having been part of the popular manga.

    Aside from the food and drinks, there will also be a variety of sweet treats that many fans of the franchise will be familiar with. A number of popular dishes from last year’s menu will also make their way back to the cafe.

    And of course with any themed cafe, there will also be limited edition Detective Conan goods which you can choose from. With iPhone cases, pillows and cushions available, you’ll surely feel the detective spirit of Detective Conan and even Sherlock Holmes with the mixed Conan and London designs.

    The Detective Conan Cafe will be opening on April 1st in Nagoya, April 2nd in Hiroshima, and April 15th in Osaka and Yamagata. No dates are announced yet for the Tokyo and Fukuoka locations but you can check the website for updates. The website is both in English and Japanese so you can easily look around.

    Getting to go to both the Detective Conan movie and cafe is something you’ll surely enjoy if you’re a fan of the series like me. And if you’re also a fan coming over to Japan, this is a great way to experience the country and the series, so make sure to check it out!

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