Don’t miss to visit Odaiba when you stay in Tokyo!

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  • When you come to Tokyo, you will visit Asakusa, Tokyo tower Roppongi and Tsukiji. Those places are really popular for visitors. And Those places are always busy. So you feel uncomfortable. And if you want to do discount shopping or enjoy entertainment in Tokyo, you maybe think about which place is the best to go shopping or enjoy entertainment in Tokyo. That is Odaiba.

    Odaiba is located in mixed Mitanato-ku, Shinagawa-ku and Koto-ku. And Odaiba is faced in Tokyo bay.

    Odaiba is artificial ground. Until the Edo era, Odaiba didn’t exist in Tokyo. And one time Commodore Perry came to Japan for having Japan open country to the USA. So Japan have to prevent our ground from USA. So the Edo government made a place for setting a cannon. Since that time, this place was sold by the Tokyo city in the Taisho era.
    Today Odaiba is selected 10th in Japanese popular place in Tokyo. And now, there are many sightseeing spots, for example Rainbow Bridge and Gundam’s big statue and some food courts and many places for going shopping. So A visitor can enjoy Odaiba trip. And if you like to go shopping, you will be Shopaholic. So this time I would like to introduce some good place in Odaiba.

    The Gundam monuments

    This monument is real size. And detail is cool too. So when you visit here, you are really assailed this size. And then If you were a geek of Gundam, I really recommend you go there. Around this monument, you can find a Gundam’s shop and cafe.

    The status of Liberty in Odaiba

    You may doubt, why is there the status of Liberty in here. Because between 1998 to 1999 years are an anniversary year of this monument. So that has been symbol for doing well each other. First, France government rented the statue in Japan for one year. And in finishing the exhibition, the Japanese government asks for keeping staying in Odaiba. But that is impossible. So Japan order a spurious one. And until today that one keeps being In Odaiba. In addition, there are some entertainment places too.
    Aquacity-odaiba and Divercity-Odaiba. I have no idea about their differences. Both buildings have a food court and many shopping stores. Movie theater and Sports park for playing bowling or batting game. So you can play with your friends in those places. And going shopping too.

    In the end, I would like you to experience the night’s Odaiba.

    At night, some night’ cruise carries you to some good spots where you can see a beautiful view. And that’s unforgettable experience in your life. When you visit Odaiba, you can have a good experience.


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