Have You Ever Tried a Savory Tart? This Tokyo Cafe Specializes In Them!

  • Do you know what savory tarts are? Because I honestly didn’t know until I heard about this cute little tart shop: What a Tart! I only had the image of there being sweet tarts made with strawberries, peaches or basically any other fruit. Savory tarts are tarts made from vegetables, meat, fish etc. and are not sweet.

    The Shop

    What a Tart! opened in the fall of 2015 in Omotesando as the first specialty store for savory tarts.

    So what makes What a Tart! so special? According to the shop, it’s the oil that they use. Instead of using butter, they use high-quality oil, which ranges from sesame oil, grapeseed oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Through this method, they succeeded in minimizing the calorie intake while making tarts that are soft and light to eat and crispy long after they’ve been made.

    What a Tart! offers 12 types of tarts and each of them has a different tart base according to the individual filling.

    The Menu

    Here is What a Tart!’s extremely fancy and delicious assortment of savory tarts. Another amazing thing about What a Tart! is that they have vegetarian tarts for those of you out there who are vegetarian or want to eat healthy.

    A-menu (450 yen each)

    Garlic Broccoli (vegetarian)
    An “adult” tart with broccoli and hummus flavored with garlic and red peppers.

    Sicilian Caponata (vegetarian)
    Eggplant flavored according to traditional Sicilian flavorings, with vinegar, tomatoes, olives, and cream cheese.

    Roasted Onions (vegetarian)
    Contrary to its slightly dull appearance, this roasted onion tart takes the most time to make. The base is mashed potatoes, topped with onions roasted in balsamic vinegar.

    Spicy Bolognese
    Oh my god this is just like pasta sauce on a tart! How amazing is that. This slightly spicy bolognese consists of flavorful vegetables, veal, and pancetta. The mint folded into the tart base adds a flavorful accent.

    Shimonita Leek and Black Pepper (Seasonal)
    The leek mixed with the crispy bacon and black pepper makes a great harmony of flavors.

    Curry Chicken and Burdock (Seasonal)
    This curry has traditional Japanese soup stock in it, giving it a little kick.

    B-menu (550 yen each)

    Confit Pork Belly & Rosemary Potatoes
    The pork confit with olive oil and herbs rids the meat of excess fat and concentrates the flavor. This tart is a wonderful combination of lentil, potatoes, and pork.

    Roasted Tomatoes (Vegetarian)
    The tomatoes are roasted for a long time at a low temperature with thyme and oil to increase its flavor and is combined with hummus with avocado. The tart base has rocket (or arugula) kneaded into it, making it extremely crispy in contrast to the juicy tomatoes.

    Crab Cake
    This traditional crab cake is seasoned using Old Bay Seasoning commonly used in the U.S. The crab is combined with tofu, celery, and cilantro to give it a special kick to the flavor.

    This paella tart is a beautiful combination of neck clams, mussels, and quinoa. Instead of having the usual plateful of paella, you can enjoy the amazing taste of one in a little hand sized tart.

    Roasted Apple and Blue Cheese (Vegetarian)
    This tart has blue cheese combined with thyme, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and apples. How could you possibly go wrong with this combination of ingredients? This tart is an amazing partner for a glass of wine.

    Purple Sweet Potatoes and Kintoki Carrots (Vegetarian/seasonal)
    Purple sweet potatoes marinated with lemon and honey along with herbs and olive oil make up this amazing colorful little tart. There is also lemon zest and grilled feta cheese sprinkled on top.

    All of the tarts can be taken to go. Tarts are also available to eat in or to go even when the bar is open (from 6:30PM).

    What a Tart website

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