Have You Tried the Bake-able Kit Kats That Are Popular In Japan?

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  • There are some Kit Kats sold in Japan that can be baked first. Apparently, not many people know this and may have eaten these special Kit Kats without baking them first. So where did this idea come from?


    Nestle Japan collaborated with Japanese confectioner Takagi to produce the Kit Kat Bake in a custard pudding flavor which was introduced in March 2014 with the slogan “Have a bake, have a Kit Kat”. Later on, there were also other flavors of bakeable Kit Kats that were introduced such as the sweet potato flavor and cheesecake flavor.

    Like many other people who can’t read Japanese, I did not know there were Kit Kats that are designed to be baked to enhance its flavor so I bought a pack of bakeable Kit Kats in Japan and ate them straight from the package! I did not know how to read Japanese, so I was confused by the packaging. I didn’t think that there would be bakeable Kit Kats!

    They tasted totally edible and delicious that way so you do not need to worry, as the chocolates can be eaten whether baked or not. Although you may cringe at the thought of not having tried the baked version of the chocolates.

    How to Bake Them

    On the back of the packaging of the Kit Kat chocolates, there are instructions on how to bake the chocolates. Firstly, you would need to place the Kit Kats on aluminum foil on a baking tray. Secondly, bake the chocolates for 2 to 2 and a half minutes, and then take them out when they turn a nice brown color.

    It is recommended to use a 1000W toaster for baking. Preheating is not required because if you preheat the toaster or oven, the chocolates will melt which will result in less-than-pretty shapes. You should also watch carefully once the surface of the chocolates changes color, as the chocolates will easily get burnt after that. You don’t want your chocolates to be burnt or go up in flames!

    Have fun baking the Kit Kats and eating them too! It is definitely an interesting way to enjoy this famous treat. Have you tried them out? Do they taste better baked or unbaked?

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