Bring Sakura Everywhere You Walk In Japan With Nike’s Sneaker Collection

  • With the spring season fast approaching, there’s no doubt the feel of the season is popping out in every corner of Japan. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming spring and the beautiful colors it will bring again this year. You’ve probably noticed the number of spring themes and there is actually more to come!

    Sneaker lovers who enjoy Japanese spring are sure to enjoy Nike’s newest shoe design. Five beloved Nike shoe styles with 5 different designs are here. Check out the newest from Nike with its Cherry Blossom Collection!

    Cherry Blossom Collection

    Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to shoes, and they certainly know how to keep their consumers happy with the products they bring out. With the coming spring in Japan, Nike has set out the Cherry Blossom Collection with 5 shoes that will perfectly match the season.

    Nike Roshe One Cherry Blossom

    The popular Roshe is the most vibrant in color in this collection with the matching blue sky and pink cherry blossoms that recreate the spring in Japan.

    Nike Air Max 1 Print

    With stronger white tones, this Air Max 1 design is a bit more subtle with the colors but leaves a relaxing and soothing overall image.

    Nike Air Max Thea Print

    Creating a classic silhouette of the spring season, the Air Max Thea design seems like an overexposed image that brings out colors on both ends but leaves the middle calm.

    Nike Classic Cortez Cherry Blossom

    With brighter blue and white colors, the Classic Cortez has a subtle cherry blossom design but can can be seen in more detail up close.

    Nike Air Rift Print

    And the last in this collection is the Air Rift. With the cherry blossom print closely resembling the Cortez design, the Air Rift may be the perfect shoe-sandal to feel the spring wind with a light walk to the park!

    These shoes were released on February 18th and the Classic Cortez and Air Rift were released at the end of the month. Nike’s cool shoes are sure to make your spring a little brighter. Personally, I’m liking the Roshe and the Air Max 1 from the collection and am looking forward to purchasing them if I have the right budget! Price range falls between the ¥8000-¥14500 mark so for those who are also eyeing the Cherry Blossom Collection, which of these would you pick?

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