Welcome J-Pop Artist Utada Hikaru Back to the Music Scene with Sakura!

  • Fans of Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル) will have probably already heard of her upcoming return to the Japanese music scene this year. Now by showing her your love online you don’t only get to celebrate her return, you will be able to help the earthquake and tsunami stricken region of Tohoku turn a bit brighter. Read on to see how!


    Fans of Utada Hikaru have been waiting for several years for the queen of J-pop, Utada Hikaru, to make a comeback. She has confirmed that she will be releasing not 1, but 2 songs at April 4, 2016. One of the songs would be for a drama called ‘Toto Nee-chan’, and the title of the song has been confirmed to be ‘Hanataba wo Kimi ni’. As for the other song, it will be used as the new ending song for a news program called ‘NEWS Zero’. However, the title of the upcoming song for the news program has not been revealed, and it will be unveiled at a later date.

    Show Your Love!

    In the light of her upcoming return, the team behind Utada has launched a website that allows fans to welcome her return to the music scene. The site is called NEW-TURN Project, and a very simple thing that fans can do to help celebrate Utada’s return is tweeting the hashtag #おかえり HIKKI and, this in turn, will cause more sakura flowers to bloom on the main page of the site! Besides that, when any Utada-related item is purchased through the website, there will also be an increase in sakura flowers blooming on the site. It all looks very festive and very much in tune with the spring season!

    Besides showing Utada Hikaru your support, you will also be supporting the earth when you make the sakura bloom, as part of the proceeds gained from this project will be donated to non-profit organizations that will use the money to plant some real sakura trees in the areas that have been heavily impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

    So fans, don’t hesitate to show your love to Utada by making more sakura flowers bloom on the website, that will consequently result in more actual sakura trees being planted! It is an effective method to welcome and promote the upcoming return of Utada, and it won’t break your bank! Right now, the tree on the website does not seem to be filled with tons of flowers yet, so hurry up and help turn the website pink!

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