Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura Festival: Enjoy A World of Sakura in Gunma!

  • The time to enjoy the beautiful view of cherry blossoms in Japan is fast approaching and along with that is the preparation of many foreign visitors who will come to Japan to see and experience those sights. While there are a number of sights to look out for, which one would really be worth the trip to Japan?

    Choosing the right time and location is very crucial when visiting for Hanami (花見) or flower viewing. The time the flowers bloom in one place may not be the same for the other, that’s why being prepared is the best thing to do. If you plan to come to Japan by April, then the Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura Festival is the place to go!

    Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura Festival

    Located in Maebashi City in Gunma Prefecture (around 2 hours from Tokyo) the Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura Festival is a yearly event that boasts more than a thousand cherry trees which stretch over the road for approximately 2 kilometers. The Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura Festival is one of the best hanami spots in Gunma and as well as being one of the 100 best cherry blossom sites to visit in Japan. There are also 3 things to check out at this festival:

    Sakura Tunnel

    With thousands of Sakura trees planted on both sides of the road, the visitors will feel like they are walking through a tunnel of sakura which gave it the name, Sakura Tunnel. For the duration of the event, there will also be a number of booths where you can enjoy some food and drinks while flower viewing.


    The neighboring Miyagi Senbonzakura no Mori, which opened in 2013, contains 37 kinds of sakura varieties which span around 500 sakura trees and 150,000 shibazakura (or moss phlox in English). Also called the World’s Sakura Zone, you’ll get to enjoy the sights more once the sakura petals start to fall too.


    A popular way to enjoy sakura at night is by Yozakura or the evening sakura illumination. These can be seen until 9:30 in the evening and there will be special stage shows and live performances for visitors to further enjoy the event.

    The course of the event will be for two weeks starting from April 2nd until the 17th. Now you know one place to look forward to on your visit to Japan for the spring! Make sure to do all of your preparations just in time for this once in a year event!

    Festival Information

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