The Popular Japanese Character Gudetama Has a Themed Cafe Opening Again!

  • Have you heard about an egg so lazy that it is actually cute? Perhaps due to the fact that will be eaten soon, it lacks enthusiasm and zest to pursue anything else in life. The egg I am talking about is none other than Gudetama, which is a character from Sanrio!

    Who Is Gudetama?

    Gudetama is probably the laziest of all Sanrio characters. Unlike many other Sanrio characters, the design of Gudetama is not inspired by animals, but an egg! The word ‘gude’ is actually a Japanese onomatopoeia which is used to describe someone or something that lacks in energy. The word ‘tama’ comes from the word tamago which means egg. Combining the two words, you get a lazy egg character which does not seem like it wants to do anything except laze around!

    Gudetama Cafe

    This lazy egg does have its own charm to the point that there will be food and drinks inspired by the character. The Gudetama-themed food and drinks will be served at MACCHA HOUSE Matcha-kan which is situated close to Shijokawaramachi station in Kyoto. The unique dishes are only available from the 18th of March 2016 to the 8th of May 2016. It is interesting to note that MACCHA HOUSE Matcha-kan is actually not a chain that originated from Japan, and it has branches in other countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Being that eggs are such a versatile ingredient, it is not hard to include eggs in food and decorate them with the design of Gudetama! The choices of food, drinks, and desserts on the menu include both Western and Japanese food such as udon, oyakodon, French toast, parfaits, ice cream, and lattes decorated with Gudetama latte art.

    The food selections based on the design of Gudetama seem so adorable you almost feel guilty eating eggs after that. The cuteness will definitely cheer you up after a long day! Do remember to check the food out while it lasts!

    Gudetama Cafe (Japanese only)

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