Experience the Beauty of Japan’s Iconic Sakura and Mt. Fuji All In One Day

  • Sakura blossoms are a symbol of Japan and are one of the flowers that have been loved for centuries. This beauty has therefore been preserved through many works of art with sakura themes such as paintings, haiku and tanka poetry.

    When you imagine sakura, what kind of scene comes to mind?
    Brilliantly colored petals, several trees stretching out across the magnificent scenery, or possibly the sakura-viewing parties known as “hanami”?

    However, there is a type of sakura that you may not know about. You can learn all about how to enjoy this flower which spreads over the ground like a carpet in front of Mt. Fuji.


    There are approximately 600 types of sakura, most of which are cultivated in Japan. The shibazakura in the picture above are not strictly categorized as sakura, however, they are extremely popular for the way they bloom by covering the ground with pink petals that resemble sakura.

    On this tour, you can experience the 800 thousand shibazakura covering the entire surface of the ground at an overwhelming scale! The intensity of these flowers will leave you speechless and can only be enjoyed in this season!

    Mt. Fuji

    The representative flower of Japan may be sakura, but the representative mountain of Japan is Mt. Fuji. The grand scale of Mt. Fuji can be viewed from a wide range of places, but there may still be very few people who have actually climbed the mountain. Even if you have wanted to go to Mt. Fuji, you need a car, which is honestly quite a big hurdle for most foreign travelers.

    However, if you take this tour, all you will have to do is board the bus from Shinjuku to arrive at the 2,400-meter site and look over Japan!

    A Delicious Meal of Tempura and Other Great Food

    Included in the ranking of popular Japanese food along with sushi and ramen is tempura. You can enjoy a great lunch with tempura as your main dish. You can also enjoy picking domestically grown strawberries and eat as many as you like!

    Enjoying Mt. Fuji and Sakura In One Day

    If you visit Japan, there tend to be problems with communication and transportation. Especially when leaving large cities like Tokyo and Osaka, there are still times when it is difficult for travelers to understand how to get around. Planning on your own means having to spend tens of thousands of yen and arranging a rental car. However, with this itinerary, all you need to do is take the bus from Shinjuku to enjoy everything!

    In addition, there are English and Chinese speakers for support, so that you can fully understand everything along the way! Furthermore, at 10,000 yen per person, this tour is available at a very special price!

    The tour is quite popular, so check the details here as soon as you can!

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