Do You Want to Work in the Anime Industry? This School in Tokyo Can Make It Happen!

  • While some of us are content with working in an office from 9 to 5, there are others who strongly aspire to work in the industry they love. Maybe you who really love anime and desire to work in the field, but do not know where to start. If that is the case, you may consider enrolling in Tokyo School of Anime.

    Tokyo School of Anime may sound like an anime title, but it is a vocational school which aims at producing graduates who are anime industry professionals. Students can find their passion among the 5 different worlds of the anime industry. There are a total of 26 majors so students have many areas of interests to choose from!

    Voice Actor and Vocalist World

    In this branch, students will get to develop their skills and techniques from professional voice-acting coaches. Voice-acting is not limited to anime and games, as graduates can seek to explore other pathways like dubbing for foreign films, narrating for commercials, becoming radio DJs, or even singing.

    Anime Production World

    This field is meant for those who are interested in the anime-making process in its entirety. Students are encouraged to work with students from other majors such as from the voice-acting course and other majors when making a production of a bigger scale. Besides writing and directing anime, there are other majors in this field which allow students to learn about anime songwriting and light novel writing!

    Anime Design World

    Perhaps you are more into designing, so the Anime Design World may be your field of choice. In this course, students will be trained in 2D and 3D designs. There are a wide variety of majors, even very specific ones such as color design and card game design which are some of the latest additions!

    Anime Creator World

    In this field, students get to learn about making anime from using basic commands on the computer using professional software. Students will get to access the latest high-technology machines and learn about 3D-CG, motion capture, green screen composition. Students may consider exploring fields pertaining to sound such as sound effects, background music, and recording engineering.

    Anime Business World

    The courses offered for Anime Business World are meant for those who want to learn some business skills aside from developing skills in the anime industry. Thus, students can pursue their aim of being a company employee while learning about anime magazine editing, anime voice-acting, etc.

    Tokyo School of Anime plans to introduce a new department in April 2017 which is called Akiba Business World. The courses offered will be related to Akihabara culture, such as maid cafes, cosplay, dojinshi, and idols.

    The school is a chance for you to achieve your dreams of working in the anime industry. No longer do you only have to admire the impeccable work put into anime from afar, but you can be a part of it too! Doing a job you love is certainly blissful.

    Tokyo School of Anime’s English Website

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