Daikaiten Sushimaru: Sushi-Making That Is Fun For the Whole Family!

  • Many people from different parts of the world have come to love the popular Japanese dish, sushi. Sushi is actually an easy dish to make and you’ve probably made it yourself at home too. Just prepare all the ingredients you need and you’re ready to make sushi!

    daikaiten sushimaru

    Now if you have a knack for cooking, then making sushi is a fun thing. But for those who aren’t much of a natural cook, it could probably take some time and effort. Don’t worry, though, as there’s a way to make sushi more easy and fun especially with kids around with the Daikaiten Sushimaru!

    Daikaiten Sushimaru

    daikaiten sushimaru kit

    As part of its cooking toy series, Daikaiten Sushimaru is a cooking toy made by Megahouse where you can easily make sushi at home. It can be enjoyed by both kids and adults for its quality. Replicating a mini sushi conveyor belt, the package comes with the cute Sushimaru standing in the middle with 6 sushi plates you can place around him.

    There are 3 steps in creating sushi using the Daikaiten Sushimaru.

    Step 1

    daikaiten sushimaru topping

    Place the sushi topping inside the capsule.

    Step 2

    daikaiten sushimaru shari

    Scoop the shari (rice prepared for sushi-making) using the shari spoon then press to place the rice on top of the sushi topping.

    Step 3

    daikaiten sushimaru push

    daikaiten sushimaru complete

    Cover each with the sushi plate, then press down on Sushimaru to rotate all of the capsules. And you’re done!

    daikaiten sushimaru rolls

    You can also create your own gunkan maki (sushi rolls that are wrapped in seaweed) as well, using the tools included in the package. The Daikaiten Sushimaru is perfect for a home party with your family or friends. The Daikaiten Sushimaru can be purchased for ¥3980.

    If you want to share the fun of sushi-making with your family, then the Daikaiten Sushimaru is the perfect option. So make sure you and your family check it out!

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