Discover the Magic of Nikko National Park and Its World Heritage Sites!

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  • Explore one of Japan’s most beautiful natural experiences at Nikko National Park. It is surrounded by peaceful plateaus, cascading waterfalls, towering forests and serene lakes which are unparalleled beauties of nature. Its solitude is a perfect place for the green traveler in search of pristine Japanese heritage. It is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites offering various forms of culture.

    About the Park

    Nikko National Park is located about 125 km from Tokyo. It spreads into four prefectures: Tochigi, Gunma, Fukushima, and Niigata. It was first established in the early 20th century with the first appearance of the National Parks Law. It was further expanded in later years which included the Oze National Park area. However, the latter separated and became a national park of its own in 2007.

    The Park’s Beauty

    The park is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful places for tourists to travel to. Its scenery is very striking with harmonious shrines, temples, and bridges which are all scattered across the area. Some sites to be enjoyed are Toshugu, a lavishly decorated shrine complex consisting of over a dozen buildings, statues of the three wise monkeys, Tozai Kairo’s Ornate exterior nature panels and Medicine Buddha’s Hall.

    The park is also a home to numerous plants and trees such as the Japanese cedars which you can see lining the roads in Nikko. With such great beauty, hikers are always pleased and overwhelmed to see such a beautiful location. That’s why it serves as a popular destination for tourists during autumn when the leaves are exuding beauty with their different colors from green to red, orange and brown. During the winter season, when the brown trees are covered in powdered snow, it is best to enjoy the park by skiing or snowboarding. Travelers can enjoy adventurous days in the winter slopes.

    At the end of a long day, you can always stay in a cozy hotel such as the Nikko Green Hotel located right at the center. The park is definitely the place for green travelers who want to explore nature while trying to enjoy authentic Japanese experience in culture.

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