Sleep like a Baby with a Giant Snorlax Cushion as the Perfect Cuddle Buddy!

  • While Pikachu may seem like the mascot or spokesperson for Pokemon, when it comes to sleeping, the specialist Pokemon for this is, Snorlax. Snorlax is the sleeping icon of Pokemon and now, you can have a giant Snorlax cushion to enjoy sleeping as much as Snorlax does!

    Meet Snorlax

    In the Japanese version of Pokemon, Snorlax is known as Kabigon. In Pokemon games, Snorlax can be found sleeping in various locations, occasionally blocking the player’s path. It only wakes up when it feels hungry, upon which it requires 900 pounds of food to satiate its hunger. It is a gentle giant that allows children or other small Pokemon to bounce on its huge stomach. In order to catch the Snorlax, the player has to first awaken it using a Poke Flute or Pokegear that is set to the Poke Flute channel.

    Snorlax Cuddle Buddy Cushion

    This officially licensed Snorlax cushion does not come with the Poke Flute, though, so you can’t actually make it get up and move about. The cushion is about 150 cm tall and 130 cm wide, which is larger than most kids. If you are small enough, you can even use it as a bed! Otherwise, you can just use it as a sleeping companion or even a pillow to hug or rest your head on. The Snorlax cushion has a thickness of 60 cm so even if you wanted to treat it as a punching bag for stress-relief or perform a wrestling drop move on it, it should be okay.

    Price and Release

    The price of this adorable giant cushion is 52,000 yen and it is scheduled to be released in August 2016. However, from now up until the 31st of March 2016, you can place a preorder online at Premium Bandai.

    This huge plush Snorlax is released in honor of the Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, but a release in countries outside of Japan has not been announced yet. However, those countries can look forward to the new Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, to be released worldwide in 2016.

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