Check Out the Amazing Facilities at Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium!

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  • There are so many fascinating aquariums in Japan with each having its own unique features. One of these which stands out from the rest due to its amazing facilities (aside from the aquarium itself) is the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Many people believe this is the best aquarium of them all due to its massive tank which is a home to a variety of aquatic animals. Let’s take a quick journey inside the aquarium!

    Whale Shark Statue

    Once you reach the Churaumi Aquarium, you will be greeted by a large whale shark statue which clearly depicts that the place is all about marine life. There’s actually more than one captive shark in this place which makes it worthwhile to visit. Here, you can also take a picture with the statue together with the aquarium’s name. They literally go side by side.

    Uminchu Gate

    After passing by the shark statue, you will come across the Uminchu Gate where you can enjoy a large space and beautiful scenery of Okinawa’s Emerald Beach. Uminchu means “fisherman” in the Okinawan language which clearly explains the name! This area is vastly surrounded by beautiful water. After you exit the elevator on the third floor, you will see the entrance to the aquarium on the right side.

    The Coral Sea and Sea of Tropical Fish

    Before heading inside the aquarium, why don’t you visit the Coral Sea and Sea of Tropical Fish? You can see the tank from afar. The Coral Sea tank was built in such a way that sunlight can easily penetrate the tank. It has since supported the growth of a large-scale coral cultivation. There is a total of 800 colonies consisting of 70 reef-building corals.

    The Sea of Tropical Fish is a tank which recreates the coral reef environment. You can see plenty of fish inhabiting the tank. In order for them to survive longer, they are also kept near their natural environment.

    If you head to Okinawa, visiting this aquarium is a must! Not only will you be enthralled by the huge aquarium but by the beautiful sea creatures that continue to sustain life underwater.

    Churaumi Aquarium Website

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