What Makes the Beautiful Toyama Castle Park Such a Great Place to Visit?

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  • Toyama Castle, also known as Azumi Castle, is presently a public park maintained by the Japanese government. The park and the castle together create a harmonious sense of past and present. The castle has a rich history while the park is a more current addition to the land. Are you a history buff that also loves connecting with nature? Would you like to learn some fascinating tidbits about this piece of history?

    Where did it come from?

    In 1543, the castle was built under the rule of the Lord Mizukoshi Katsushige. In 1581, the person who was deemed lord of the castle was Sassa Narimasa. In 1585, a great feud broke out between Sassa Narimasa and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

    Hideyoshi decided to attack the castle with 100,000 soldiers. The castle was completely destroyed but was rebuilt not long after an attack by Maeda Toshinaga, who used it as his home until much of it burned down in 1609.

    In 1661, the castle was rebuilt once more and Toshinaga made it his home. Today, the castle is reconstructed and named Toyama Castle Park. It’s a place for everyone to enjoy and it has even been re-purposed as Toyama Local History Museum, and Sato Memorial Museum, which are known for collections of utensils and antiques.

    What does it look like?

    When wandering through the park, people will have a beautiful view of the castle. It was built on very flat land and most of it is made out of stone. There is a moat surrounding it which is visible around the massive stone walls. Much of it is still intact and there are occasional tours available to explore the castle though it functions more like a museum. Keep in mind that there are no English brochures for the exhibition inside the castle. Therefore, it may be difficult to understand the contents of the exhibition for some visitors.

    Why do people like the park?

    This park is open to public and it is a wonderful and popular place among the locals for relaxation. Many visitors from around the world find that the park is best viewed in the spring. Of course, locals have the opportunity to see it in every season and be captivated by the park’s beauty.

    Toyama Castle Park is well-known for its enchanting cherry blossom trees. Seeing the reflection of the flowers in the water of the castle moat is quite an indescribable sight. The whole environment is relaxing and makes you feel like you are one with nature.

    Toyama Castle Park can be an enjoyable experience for those who love cherry blossoms as well as indulging in Japanese history. Explore everything that this park has to offer and feel your stress float away from your body. What have you got to lose?

    Toyama Castle Park

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