4 Reasons You Need to Visit the Japan Heritage City of Onomichi!

  • When you think of Japanese cities, what names come to mind?

    Tokyo? Kyoto? Osaka? Or possibly Hokkaido or Okinawa? However, from North to south and east to west, Japan is a country stretching over about 3,000 kilometers with 47 prefectures and is divided into around 1,700 municipal districts, towns, and villages.

    In other words, Japan has plenty of hidden charms that you may not know about! In this article, we’ll introduce one of those charming places – Onomichi city in Hiroshima prefecture!

    1. A Japan Heritage Cityscape

    The purpose of Japan Heritage is to preserve the narratives of places within Japan, to make sure the stories that should be told are passed down. The narrative of Onomichi was chosen as one of the 18 places by the Japan Heritage board in the first year.

    It was chosen because the center of the town, which has a beautiful body of water flowing through it, has flourished since the era of the samurai. There are several Buddhist temples, shrines, gardens, and residences from this era that still remain.

    It is as though you are in a scene from a movie, as the town has the atmosphere of “the good old days” hanging in the air. It will make you feel as if you are experiencing a time-slip!

    2. Captivating Night Views

    Onomichi is famous for its beautiful night views which are completely different from the city’s daytime landscape. Using a ropeway, you can stand on the mountaintop and fully enjoy the night view by looking out over the entire town from Senko-ji Temple.

    Throughout the year on Fridays, Saturdays and the nights before national holidays, factory cranes are colorfully lit up, with the sparkling colors rising toward the night sky.

    3. Gourmet Food You Can Only Eat Here

    When it comes to travel, delicious food is certainly important. Onomichi has a lot of famous gourmet food, including the food beloved by many foreign tourists – ramen! Their Onomichi Ramen is famous throughout Japan and is carefully made with fish stock and the taste of soy sauce flowing through pork broth. The taste of this ramen is so wonderful, that no one can ever forget it!

    Including Onomichi, okonomiyaki is extremely famous in Hiroshima prefecture. The way it is made in Osaka and other places is different from Hiroshima. Not only is it delicious because of the many ingredients inside of the batter, it is also quite healthy. The smell of the fragrant sauce will tempt you to eat countless plates of this dish! Onomichi also boasts the largest production of lemons in the country with their lemon cheesecake, pudding, and other sweets.

    4. The Most Wonderful Cycling Course in the World!

    Did you know that this cycling course which starts from Shimanami Kaido, was the only one in Japan to be chosen as one of the seven best cycling courses in the world? You will be able to pass by many scenes of beautiful sunsets, stretches of small islands, and boats floating on the sea. You can rent a bike, so would you like to experience the breeze from your bicycle at least once?

    Here is the blog of a person who has experienced cycling along Shimanami Kaido. Maybe you will be moved by their experience!

    There are also facilities for those who are genuinely interested in cycling, the HOTEL CYCLE inside of ONOMICHI U 2. If you use this facility, you can bring your own bike into the hotel and your room.


    Not only will you feel the atmosphere of ancient Japan, Onomichi is a charming place which offers a large-scale cycling course, delicious food, fascinating night views!

    To experience that charm, you should definitely visit at least once!

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