Check Out KFC Japan’s Krushers Flavors for Spring!

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  • Some of us have this craving of eating hot food during hot weather and eating something cold during cold weather too. Well speaking of cold weather and food, Japan’s favorite uncle, Colonel Sanders and company just brought out a new lineup of Krusher flavors to drink while spring is still cool and until the weather warms up!

    KFC Japan’s Spring Krushers Flavors

    Every possible idea for spring-themed goodies in Japan is still popping up everywhere and KFC Japan is also hopping on the bandwagon. On March 17th, the popular fast food chain brought out their newest Krushers flavor which is matcha azuki (green tea and red bean)!

    Matcha Azuki

    Matcha Krushers are not such a new thing to KFC as they released a similar flavor last year, but matcha azuki is definitely new so consider it an upgrade of the first matcha flavor. Combining two very Japanese ingredients, green tea from Nishio and azuki beans from Hokkaido, the vibrant green of the drink will surely cool you down added with rice puffs and cornflakes matching the matcha for a crispy crunch.

    Ichigo & Banana Krushers

    Pink is the color of spring in Japan and you’ll feel it with the Ichigo & Banana Krushers. The slightly large cut strawberries and bananas make a fresh mix and the drink gets better with its newly added vanilla biscuits that’ll tickle your taste buds.

    Cookies & Cream Krushers

    KFC’s Cookies & Cream Krushers have been a fan favorite ever since they started serving it. They’ve made it even better with lots of cocoa biscuits and chocolate sauce mix. The cookies crispiness will be sure to give you a crunchy and smooth mix of sweetness.

    Why not head down to your nearest KFC and check the new Matcha Azuki Krushers out? These drinks are sold at ¥320 but they’re having a campaign! Just print out the coupon and you’ll get a ¥30 off until the end of February. Just scroll down to the bottom of this site to print or send to your email!

    Update- as of 2018, the above three flavors are no longer available. In winter 2017/2018, Chocolat and Framboise flavors are available.

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