Krispy Kreme Japan Wishes You a Happy Easter with Their Adorable Limited-Time Donuts!

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  • Spring is here! There is not a better place to celebrate this season than in Japan. The weather is glorious! Cherry blossoms in the air, people coming to visit, spring fashion out in full force in Harajuku and, of course, the limited offer food offerings! From Sakura (cherry blossom) flavored items ranging from Kit Kat chocolate bars, ice creams, and even cola, it is no surprise that even donuts would have their spring offerings!

    Krispy Kreme

    Welcome to Krispy Kreme. This well-known worldwide donut chain is a welcome addition to Japan’s culinary scene. Fresh from their recent spring lineup of sakura, matcha, and yuzu – which was a huge hit, by the way – now comes their much anticipated Easter lineup. Luckily again there are three yummy kinds to choose from.

    Milky Easter Bunny

    In my opinion, the piece de resistance of the whole collection, this one features an adorable bunny emerging from it’s hiding hole, surrounded by its sprinkle flavored “nest”. The bottom of the nest has a crunchy cookie with milk like center. It’s impossible to resist its cuteness.

    Strawberry Cheese Egg

    This is the quintessential Easter egg hunt treat, and this one is very tasty! Like the name states, it has a strawberry covered exterior with a strawberry cream center. Painted in pastel colors to resemble an Easter egg, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the season.

    Caramel Easter

    This super kawaii masterpiece is reminiscent of a chick hatching out of its shell. The “shell” is made of almond shavings and the rest of the donut is made to look like a cute, bright yellow chick. The best part is this donut has a caramel center. But maybe if you buy this little guy, you won’t see the center, as it can be so hard to eat something so cute!

    So if you’re in Japan, hurry to your local Krispy Kreme to try these Easter creations. Ranging in price from 230 yen to 250 yen, it’s quite an affordable way to celebrate the season. Unfortunately, it’s only available from March 23 to April 26th for a limited time, so eat these cute treats while you can!

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