Enoshima Prism: A Teen Movie With a Sci-Fi Twist

  • Japan has cranked out plenty of thrilling films, television shows, and more. Enoshima Prism is one of those films. It was directed by Yasuhiro Yoshida and released in 2013. If you haven’t seen any Japanese movies yet, or if you’re looking for a new one to watch, why not try this one? Let’s take a closer look at Enoshima Prism.

    Target Audience

    This film is classified as a teen and sci-fi film which was released in 2013 and takes place in the modern day in the 2010s. Sota Fukushi portrays his first ever lead role in a feature film. Fukushi was a popular actor in 2013 and after the filming of this movie, he continued to become more famous and star in high-profile movies.

    For those of you who enjoy live action films full of tragedy and time travel, consider putting this one on your list of favorites. On a more positive note, this film focuses on friendship and what friends will do to help the people that they care about.

    What is the story about?

    Enoshima Prism revolves around three main characters who have been friends ever since they were little kids. Shuta Jogasaki (played by Fukushi) is an average Japanese kid – he has a bright personality, enjoys being in the company of his friends and has big dreams to live out. He has two close friends – Saku Kijima (Shuhei Nomura) and Michiru Ando (Tsubsa Honda). The three of them are a very tight-knit group. He attends school with them, and everything is normal until the sudden, tragic death of Kijima in 2010. The two remaining friends struggle to keep a relationship with each other. It is far too difficult to remain friends as the pain of the death haunts them. Soon enough, the two lose touch and their bond is not nearly as strong as it once was.

    Time Travel?

    A few years go by, and it is now 2013. Shuta boards a train one day and ends up traveling back in time to 2010. He is now in a time before his friend had died. He is extremely confused about this situation, but he finds a way to cope with it. His new goal is to find a way to save his friend. He attempts to change the past and restore his world to how it was when his friend was alive.

    This movie is full of intrigue, adventure, and time travel – an excellent combination. For those of you movie lovers who enjoy those things too, you should make sure to watch this interesting movie!

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