How to Maintain Your Complexion: Simple Secrets to Japanese Skincare

  • Most people who are interested in beauty products and skincare know how many fantastic products are available in Asia. Japan, in particular, is home to some amazing skincare and makeup. If you’ve ever walked down the street or opened a magazine, you’ve probably noticed how fresh and naturally beautiful Japanese women look. So what’s their secret? What are the important elements of skincare in Japan that other countries might now know about? Is it easy for others to achieve the same look if they’re not in Japan or even in Asia? Luckily, it is and you can learn just how simple it is to keep your skin looking just as healthy.

    Secret #1: Meticulous Moisturizing

    Moisturizers are important for preserving the beauty of the skin. Most women hope to maintain a healthy, youthful glow throughout their lives. While there are some who use a lotion for their hands in the winter, or for protecting their skin in the summer, some forget about the importance of moisturizing the face daily. In Japan, most women use a lotion, moisturizer or cream in the morning and overnight after washing their faces. However, not just any moisturizer will meet your skin’s needs and keep it happily hydrated. Some products that Japanese women use are actually not exclusive to Japan and you can pick them up too. Although it couldn’t hurt to pick up the Japanese version during your next trip all the same.

    An extremely popular moisturizer is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (pictured above). This worldwide best-seller, known for its yellow color, is still a hit all over the world. However, the special Japanese formula of the lotion is only available in Japan. The lotion+ not only moisturizes, but balances the water and oil levels of your skin, and also functions as a barrier for your skin. Because of these qualities, the lotion+ is loved by many women in Japan. If you have problems such as dry skin, this is a fantastic product to get that smooth, beautiful skin that Japanese people love to have. The best part is your skin will stay hydrated all day and the formula is made to work with your skin to keep you moisturized and looking young.

    What if you are looking for more moisturizers to keep your skin perfect? Why not try this product which is the number one sold product in its category at Japanese department stores?* It must be good, right?

    *Beaute Research/2014 sale-through


    Moisture Surge EX, also by Clinique, is a gel cream that comes in a cute, pink color. It can be used morning and night during your skincare routine. No matter your skin type, you can also use it throughout the day if you need some extra hydration. Even if you’re wearing makeup, you can top up with a little of this stuff to bring life to your skin. It’s perfect for traveling and relieving that unsettling dryness you can experience on planes or in hotel rooms and other places with dry air you encounter on your journey.

    Secret #2: Making Your Complexion Beautiful with Charming Makeup

    Japan has a variety of popular makeup looks ranging from simple to more dramatic. Your average girl normally likes to keep things pretty simple. Easy eye makeup looks, natural lips and of course, glowing cheeks. Fresh blush trends have been on the rise lately in Japan, making natural-looking skin an important focus for the face.

    Clinique Japan’s best-selling blush item embodies that trend perfectly. Their Cheek Pops are adorable powder blushes shaped like flowers that offer that perfect pop of color (as their name suggests). A great popular color is #15, Pansy Pop. It may look purple in the pan, but when you apply it to the cheeks, it becomes a pretty pink with faint blue undertones. The reason it is such a popular color is because it adds brightness to the skin and makes your complexion look beautiful.

    Special Gift Box Notice

    Starting on Monday, April 11th, customers who purchase Clinique products at department stores will receive an original gift box sold only in Japan! There are two design patterns depending on the size of the box. Sakura, Mt. Fuji, and Tokyo Tower are among the cute motifs on the gift boxes. The gift boxes are only available at 36 shops in Japan, check the list at the end of the article to find the one nearest you!

    Maintaining Your Skin

    It’s definitely important to keep your skin hydrated to achieve the smooth, bright look that is so popular in Japan. It’s easy to keep your skin looking beautiful if you use the right products in your routine! Great cosmetics go a long way to keeping you looking fresh and young without having to cover your skin up!

    Stores with Gift Boxes Available


    Tokyu Sapporo/ Sapporo Daimaru/ Marui Imai Sapporo/ Sapporo Mitsukoshi


    Nihonbashi Takashimaya/ Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi/ Printemps Ginza/ Matsuya Ginza/ Ginza Mitsukoshi/ Tokyo Daimaru/ Ueno Matsuzakaya/ Isetan Shinjuku/ Shinjuku Keio/ Shinjuku Takashimaya/ Shibuya Seibu/ Tokyu Toyoko/ Ikebukuro Seibu/ Ikebukuro Tobu


    Yokohama Takashimaya/ Sogo Yokohama


    Nagoya Matsuzakaya/ Nagoya Mitsukoshi/ JR Nagoya Takashimaya/ Meitetsu




    Daimaru Shinsaibashi/ Osaka Takashimaya/ Umeda Hankyu/ Abeno Kintetsu


    JR Kyoto Isetan


    Kobe Daimaru


    Daimaru Hakata/ Mitsukoshi Fukuoka/ Iwataya/ Hakata Hankyu


    Okinawa Ryubo

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