we select 6 worthy spots in Enoshima trip.

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  • Enoshima is a small offshore island, about 4 km in circumference, at the mouth of the Katase River, which flows into the Sagami Bay of Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Administratively, Enoshima is part of the mainland city of Fujisawa, and is linked to the eponymous Katase section of that city by a 600 meter-long bridge. Home to some of the closest sandy beaches to Tokyo and Yokohama, the island and adjacent coastline are the hub of a local resort area.

    So, why I recommend you to go to Enoshima?
    Here are the all attractions of Enoshima:

    1. Enoshima Shrine

    Consists of three separate shrines that are located in different places around the island. The main complex includes an octagonal building that houses one of Japan’s three most venerated statues of Benten, the patron goddess of Enoshima. Since Beten is also the goddess of wealth, some visitors will wash their money at the shrine’s pond.
    The admission fee is free but if you want to see the Benten statue you will be charge by ¥150. You can go there between 8.30am to 5.00pm.


    2. Iwaya Caves

    Two touristy and easily walkable caves can be found in the cliffs along Enoshima’s southern coast. The first cave contains some Buddhist statues, while the second cave is dedicated to the legendary dragon that used to terrorize the area. You can enter the cave for ¥500, and between 9.00am to 5.00pm.


    3. Southern Coast

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    The southern coastline of Enoshima is made up of jagged cliffs that fall steeply towards the ocean below before they suddenly level out just at the waterline, forming wide stone plates where people gather during low tide to enjoy sunbathing and fishing. The Iwaya Caves are also found there, as well as the landing place of the small Bentenmaru boats that provide a connection to the mainland on weekends and holidays.

    4. Love Bell

    At the end of a short side trail stands a bell on top of Enoshima’s hill with nice views over the ocean. Due to a love related legend involving Benten and the dragon, couples ring the bell together and write their names on locks that they leave attached to the fence, similar to the wooden prayer plates (ema) left at shrines.

    When you visit Enoshima island with your girlfriend or your boyfriend, please visit this romantic place.


    5. Samuel Cocking Garden

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    Samuel cocking Garden is a small botanical garden located in Enoshima. Founded by Samuel Cocking (1842-1914) in 1880 as Enoshima Botanical Garden, its main feature is a greenhouse of tropical plants. The photo above is taken by me which is located at the garden (tulip’s garden). This garden also attracts many photographers to take some shots for their own pleasure.

    Another landmark of Enoshima, the Enoshima Observation Tower (called as Sea Candle), is also located in Samuel Cocking Garden. This is a 59.8 meter high silvery tower with an observation deck on the top. Visitors can get beautiful 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding are from the deck.

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    This photo is also taken by me when I visited Sea Candle last year. From the deck you can see such this unforgettable scenery, and you can also see the beautiful sunset from there.
    The admission fee for Samuel Cocking Garden is ¥200 for visiting the garden only, and ¥500 for visiting the garden and the observation deck.
    During Christmas Eve, you will get more attractions of lighting up for the castle and the whole garden at night. You will not regret for this kind of trip.


    If you go to Japan, and you want one whole day worthy trip, please visit Enoshima island! Because you can walk around the main island for only one day, and you will get so many attractions as I described that will turn into unforgettable memories with your friends, or your lovely family.