Looking to Attend University in Japan? Here Is Why Kobe University Is a Great Choice!

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  • Kobe University is one of the leading national universities located in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. In the region of Kansai, it is referred to as Shindai (from another reading of the first of Kobe’s kanji 神戸 and 大学, daigaku or university). Kobe University is an institution of efficient learning. Are you looking for a place to continue your education? This school offers a wide variety of courses and teachers to help you learn more than you could ever imagine.

    Important Values

    Since its foundation, this school has consistently pursued the core values of integrity, freedom, and cooperation. They expect all of the members of the school community to share those values and represent them efficiently. They strive for excellence in everything they accomplish in all their educational and research efforts, as well as their contribution to society and management of university practices.

    Various Departments of Learning

    Kobe University is not only one of the oldest universities in Japan, it is also highly rated in the areas of research and teaching. Kobe’s seven research groups were given the honour of being International Centres of Excellence. The five educational programs were deemed as “Good Practices” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology.

    The university offers a wide range of programs to apply to such as law, medicine, different kinds of sciences, engineering, agriculture, and humanities. This school hires highly intelligent educators and staff members. They strive to encourage their students and teachers to be a valuable part of their community and work harder than ever to reach goals.

    Fantastic Facilities

    They have many interesting facilities like research centers and a massive library. The library has millions of journals and articles for students and teachers to access. There are nine branches of libraries aside from the general one. These libraries hold books on topics such as social sciences, humanities, economics and business. The libraries also offer audio-visual and CD-ROM materials. Their research centers are high-quality and have expert staff members working in them. A

    Global Events

    Kobe University is continually conducting international exchange events and programs. They have exchange agreements with several foreign universities. They conduct exchanges to help their students and teachers grow.

    Anyone looking to attend the programs mentioned before should consider attending this school. They have excellent values and standards for both students and instructors. Kobe University wants to help its students fulfill their destiny. They have all the tools one needs to succeed in their future and to become better and brighter people in society.

    Kobe University

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