Gifu: the Japanese Prefecture of Beautiful Villages and Culture

  • GIFU
  • Today, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Fukuoka is really popular in Japan. But other countries not popular than those cities for foreigner. But there are many beautiful prefectures in Japan, Those mainly cities don’t have a nature and Especially Tokyo has a short history.

    So if you want to touch good nature and also a good experience, I would recommend Gifu prefecture.
    Gifu prefecture is less popular than some capital city, for example Tokyo and Osaka. And the population in Gifu is also small. But that is an attractive thing. In Osaka and Tokyo and other capital cities, many person and information swarm across those cities. But that is also said, “Information in those cities has always been renewed ” So it is difficult to allow to an old fashion. But that is not good for teaching Japanese history to some foreigner.

    The population in Gifu is 2million and famous product of Gifu is Ayu and Gifu beef. And Gifu is the only producing area of Japanese Umbrella. In Gifu, there are many products you can see. At Gifu prefecture, you can experience some history, the way for hunting Ayu and staying old house. Only you can experience those things in Gifu.

    Ayu hunting

    The way of hunting Ayu is called “Yana”. Yana have started since the later of 12c. That is a long history. And Gifu prefecture is No.1 in producing Ayu. That’s result come from clear river in Gifu. So Ayu gather in this river. And if you try this Yana, I would recommend you come in summer season. Because you need a place where you prevent from the hot spot. River temperature is cold and you can also swim in the river.


    Shirakawago is popular as a part of World heritage. Especially the contrast of the building is so cool. But why be selected. Because those building around forests and mountains. Shirakawa’s history has begun since Kamakura era. So Shirakawago has a long history and now that the building has maintained by the local authority.
    So Gifu prefecture has keep culture and building from past times. That is really magnificent in our life and keep nationality as well.