Warm Weather is Coming- and So is Haagen-Dazs’ New Honey and Milk Flavored Ice Cream!

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  • Häagen-Dazs Japan will be releasing a new flavor, and unexpectedly, it will not be a new sakura flavor which is currently the rage among Japanese companies in spring. While its competitor, Baskin-Robbins has already released its new sakura-flavored ice cream, Häagen-Dazs, on the other hand, will be releasing a honey and milk (yogurt-style) flavored ice cream. Therefore, you will have even more choices of ice cream flavors this season!

    Tasty Treat

    Honey and milk are two ingredients that are commonly mixed together to form a beverage that has been known to be good for health. While Häagen-Dazs does not boast in containing any health properties in its new flavor, some of us like the taste of honey and milk enough not to bother about whether it’s healthy or not. Also, ice cream is a treat after all! The milk in the ice cream also has a yogurt-like flavor to it as opposed to regular milk.

    Release Date

    According to Häagen-Dazs Japan, this delicious new flavor will be released on the 19th of April 2016 and available in mini cup sizes of 110 milliliters at 294 yen. The key to this new ice cream flavor includes thick milk ice cream which has been mixed with heat-sterilized fermented milk, likening it to a yogurt-like taste. On top of that, honey is also added which brings out the delicate taste of yogurt ice-cream without an overkill of sweetness.

    With a milk fat content of 12%, this ice cream is absolutely a guilty indulgence in a small cup. Once this new flavor is released, forget the diet for a change and devour a cup or two of Häagen-Dazs Japan’s new milk and honey flavor!

    Häagen-Dazs Japan Website*Japanese Only

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