Meet Jii Pop, A Group of Grandpas from Kochi Who Have Made Their Idol Debut!

  • Idols have become an everyday scene in the entertainment industry with a number of popular groups having their own shows being aired regularly on television. Boy groups or girl groups, solo artists and more, each and every one of them has made their name and catch the attention of many people.

    Now, there’s one group that made a debut recently and it’s not the kind of news you’d hear every day! A five-man unit from Kochi with a total age of 337 has made the leap into the idol industry and they already have a song for all to hear. Meet the grandpas making their idol debut, Jii POP!

    Jii POP from Kochike ALL STARS

    jii pop single

    Last year, the citizens of Kochi Prefecture created a plan in order to make their beloved prefecture appeal more to visitors with the Kochike ALL STARS project. And out of 1,500 people who participated in the project to reach that goal, the five-member group Jii POP was born.

    With a total age of 337 averaging at 67.4, the members of Jii POP include:

    jii pop yamamoto

    Mr. Yamamoto the youngest of the group at 59 years old.

    jii pop tanioka

    Mr. Tanioka, 67 years old.

    jii pop ootaka

    Mr. Ootaka who is 65 years old.

    jii pop deki

    Mr. Deki at 66 years old.

    jii pop yamada

    Lastly, the oldest of the group, Mr. Yamada, who is still running marathons at 80 years old!

    Debut Song “Kourei Banzai!”

    jii pop music video

    The preview video for Jii POP’s debut song entitled Kourei Banzai! which could be translated as Hooray for Old Age! in English has already been released on their YouTube channel. The quality of the video’s production is certainly no joke as it was surely made to appeal the viewers by showing certain areas of Kochi. and the song takes on a techno-pop feel that will catch the interest of even a younger audience!

    Imagine if your grandpas were the ones making an idol debut at an old age. It’s certainly not something you see every day, that’s for sure! But this just goes to show that Jii POP loves their prefecture enough to be able to help it appeal it to many people. Now if you’re planning to go to Japan, you might want to make a side trip to Kochi!

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