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  • Bandai Co., Ltd. is a popular Japanese toy and video making company which is considered to be the world’s third largest producer of toys. The company started putting up its own Bandai museum in Chiba last 2003 which was dedicated to the Bandai characters. It immediately closed in 2006 and was moved to Mibu, Tochigi in 2007 in which its floors were immediately opened for business.

    Brief History

    The first time Bandai Museum opened in Matsudo, Chiba, it was built as a nine-story building. The museum proper was actually located through 5th to 9th floors. There was one basement floor and the entrance was on the 3rd floor. It was located on the same line with the Matsudo Station of the Joban Line. The exhibition place was divided into two parts: Character World and Gundam Museum. The remaining areas were mostly lined with shops, spaces for events, and facilities and amenities for visitors. After three years, it was suddenly closed on August 31, 2006 with the aim of moving the museum to another place.

    New Location

    A year later, the museum once again opened but this time, it was in another place, Mibu, Tochigi. It immediately began opening its doors to business and the museum was divided into several areas with the main hall adorned with a life-sized Gundam. A giant model of White Base can also be seen in another smaller section. There’s also a section known as “World Toy Museum” featuring toys from around the world with most of them coming from Europe. Another section called “Japan Toy Museum” is dedicated to Japanese toys ranging from the old Edo Period to contemporary times. Another section is the “Edison Museum” which exhibits the inventions of the famous American scientist, Thomas Edison.

    If you want to go to Bandai Museum by Japan Railways, whether it is a side trip or not, remember that the closest station is the Ishibashi Station. In terms of time, it is the best option rather than Omochanomachi Station (Tobu railways). From here, you will take a taxi as the museum is still five kilometers away and usually costs around 1,500 to 2,000 yen one way.

    So for the Bandai character lovers, what are you waiting for?

    Bandai Museum Website*Japanese Only


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