If You Can’t Come to Japan to Enjoy Art, You Can Visit the Online Museum IJC!

  • Those of you who are interested in going to art galleries may have considered going to the hotel-based art fair that was held at Park Hotel Tokyo. Since there are many of you who probably could not be in Japan when that art fair was held, you may opt to see an online Japanese art museum instead! This one-of-a-kind virtual online museum called the IJC Museum was recently opened on the 29th of February 2016.

    Background of the Museum

    The IJC actually stands for “Is Japan Cool”? which is inspired by the government’s Cool Japan campaign that began in 2010 to promote cultural and creative industries to encourage more people to visit Japan. Another example of a corporation who has adopted the campaign is Universal Studios Japan which had opened Universal Cool Japan that is based on themes unique to Japanese culture.

    The tagline for IJC Museum is “Japanese Art Museum in the Cloud” which is probably inspired by Kami’s Lookout in the Dragon Ball series. The artwork seen in the online museum was created using 3DCG which allows visitors to look at the artwork up close and at all angles in a 360-degree view. The project is sponsored by ANA Airlines and the museum features modern artworks by 7 artists.

    Yayoi Kusama

    Yayoi Kusama is the artist who is famous for her work which incorporates polka dots and net patterns. She has many times featured pumpkin motifs in her work as well.


    Nerhol is a duo team consisting of Yoshihisa Tanaka and Ryuta Iida. Previously, they worked independently, but upon discovering that they have similar art visions, they started to work together since 2007.

    Manabu Ikeda

    Manabu Ikeda’s artwork typically features intricate details using pen and ink as a medium. He is known for drawing large-sized illustrations which can take up to a year to finish.


    Ayato Tabata combines her name, Taba, with ‘imo’ from ‘imoto’ which means little sister, to come up with the nickname Tabaimo. She is a Japanese visual artist whose work usually consists of animation.

    Hisashi Tenmyouya

    Hisashi Tenmyoya is known for his art concepts, Neo-Nihonga and Butouha. Neo-Nihonga is the revival of Japanese traditional paintings as modern art while Butouha is extravagant and exemplifies samurai aesthetics.

    Taku Obata

    Taku Obata is a sculptor who is known for his work which references breakdancing stances. The sculpting technique employed is a traditional Japanese wood-carving method.

    Kohei Nawa

    Kohei Nawa uses items such as glass beads and spray foams on various objects. As a result, the original contours of the objects will be distorted which creates a beautiful effect.

    The IJC museum allows visitors to look at beautiful artwork and learn about some of the prominent artists in Japan. With information in English and Chinese, this amazing Japanese artwork can be easily understood and viewed for free around the globe! So is Japan cool? It certainly is!

    IJC museum (English)
    IJC museum (Chinese)


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