If You Love Chocolate and Tea, This New Set From Kit Kat Is a Must-Try!

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  • When one thinks of Kit Kat, one usually thinks of chocolate wafer goodness and possibly the old, catchy “give me a break” jingle. Slowly, however, Japan is creeping into our collective consciousness as well. This country’s love affair with this confectionary has spawned one of a kind Kit Kat chocolatory boutiques which only sell gourmet Kit Kat products as well as a plethora of wild flavors. Everything from apple, cheesecake, pumpkin and even chili have been highlighted as flavors for this chocolate bar that is found everywhere in Japan from high-end stores to even local convenience stores. Now they have outdone themselves once again. They are now introducing their “I heart Tea” Kit Kat set!

    Background and Flavors

    Fresh from the success of their “I heart fruits set” – which featured 5 assorted fruit flavored Kit Kat bars (blueberry, coconut, raspberry, passion fruit, and strawberry), they have now taken on Japan’s other favorite export, high-end teas with their favorite Kit Kat chocolate. Like its predecessor, it comes wrapped in a collectible box with the following 5 flavors:
    Kocha (black tea), Gyokuro (high-quality green tea), Houjicha (roasted green tea), Uroncha (Oolong tea) and Genmaicha, my personal favorite, (green tea with roasted rice).

    The I Heart Tea Kit Kats

    Unlike the classic Kit Kat chocolate bar that comes with four breakable bars per package, this one comes in single, individually wrapped bars with gorgeous single boxes packed into the collectible box. Created by Takagi Yasumasa, a renown patissier, the chocolate bars contain unique flavor profiles by merging the above teas with premium white, black and milk chocolate. This makes for an amazing combination of flavors unique to Japan.

    They will be available starting April 1, 2016, in boxed sets of 10 (2 of each of the 5 flavors) and will retail for 2,484 yen or around $22 (USD). Only available from Kit Kat Chocolatory stores, though for those lucky enough to be at the Shinjuku Takashimaya store, they will be sold starting March 25, 2016! So give yourself a break and try one of these soon!

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