Check Out This Eerie Abandoned Japanese Theme Park Shrouded In Fog and Mystery

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  • Of all of the abandoned amusement parks in Japan, Takakonuma Greenland in Fukushima is probably the creepiest of all. Most of the time, it is nearly covered in dense fog which may be brought about by the climate of the region. It used to be a massive amusement park built in the 1970s which wasn’t open for long due to unknown reasons. Some say it was closed for repairs while others say it closed because some deaths had occurred.

    The Opening of the Amusement Park

    Takakonuma Greenland is not featured on many Japanese maps (though, luckily, we have a Google map below). It is in a remote area which lies about 250 km north of Tokyo. Some people say it is virtually impossible to find. Shortly after it opened up in the ’70s, it closed down after 22 years.

    As an Abandoned Place

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    Soon after its closure, the park was taken over by the trees which surrounded it. Still, the park’s ground is littered with remnants of its 13-year stint. Some of these include the ferris wheel and the roller coaster which have already been covered with rust. The entrance, on the other hand, shows works of graffiti by some trespassers or visitors to the park. Other areas have already been reclaimed by vegetation. And because of the dense fog, the park has also been linked to the “Silent Hill” fictional town. Very little photography and video can also be found in the area due to its distant location. One reason for this comes from a circulating rumor that no matter how many pictures photographers upload, only one picture appears on the computer.

    There are so many places in Japan which have been abandoned and left to rot. But let us not forget the memories they left as they’ve also greatly contributed to an interesting portion of Japanese history. Takakonuma Greenland is no different and it has often been visited by brave explorers!

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