Talented Makeup Artist Zawachin to Make Her Debut as a Singer!

  • Zawachin (ざわちん), the girl who is known for her celebrity impressions minus the lower face area, is now ready for another career pathway. She will be debuting as a singer in the spring of 2016, under the newly founded label called “star”.

    On the 27th of April 2016, Zawachin will be releasing her first single entitled Mada Minu Sekai. In English, it means “the world that is yet unseen”. The lyrics were written by her, which displays her ability in songwriting.

    Zawachin’s Makeup

    In 2011, Zawachin gained huge popularity due to her makeup impressions of popular celebrities such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Tomomi Itano, and Arashi. She has also done impersonations of Western celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Miranda Kerr which were pretty impressive. She would, however, only show the top part of the face. The lower part of the face will usually be covered by a mask, hand, or other objects. She has mentioned that singing is her dream and now that she has gained recognition, she decided to pursue it.

    A New Career?

    Fans of Zawachin’s makeup looks may feel worried that she may stop or reduce her celebrity impressions act which made her famous in the first place. Nevertheless, fans do not have to worry as Zawachin has promised that she will continue with her celebrity impressions even while she is pursuing her singing career. For her singing persona, she will be revealing her full face and not wear a mask. Besides that, she will be using the name Zawachin which is spelled in the Western alphabet, while her makeup artist persona uses the name Zawachin (ざわちん) which is spelled using the hiragana system.

    It will not be the first time that Zawachin sings and appears in a music video. Back in 2014, she and R&B singer 8utterfly worked together for the song ‘Dakedo, Kimi Shika Mienakute… feat. Zawachin’. Both singers wore masks in the music video. The music video featured various women wearing masks with lyrics written on them.

    Are you excited about the upcoming song by Zawachin? Makeup artists turning into singers may not be such a common pathway, but whatever it is, let’s wish her all the best in her career!

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