Have You Tried This Unusual Addition to the Spring McDonald’s Japan Menu?

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  • Japan is famous, or sometimes in this case, infamous for their wild variations on American fast food staples. In the last few years, there have been so many crazy food offerings. From Burger King’s Black Burger (charcoal bun and cheese anyone?), KFC’s fried salmon and even McDonald’s own french fries given the chocolate sauce addition with the name “McChoco Potato”, there has pretty much been something for every culinary taste. Just when you think they couldn’t up the ante any higher, comes McDonald’s latest offering – the new Teriyaki Camembert Egg burger.

    What Is It?

    What the heck is that you ask? Why exactly like it sounds! They have taken the classic cheeseburger and upgraded the components. Gone is the usual slab of yellow cheese that makes the ordinary cheeseburger! Instead, it has been replaced by creamy camembert. Also, it comes with the added bonus of teriyaki sauce and an egg. This so-called Camembert Teritama burger behemoth is the newest addition to the McDonald’s menu and is sure to shock and surprise die-hards. Of note for those that are not camembert converts, they do offer the regular teriyaki egg burger appropriately named the Teritama burger.

    Other Camembert Items?

    Surprisingly, this is not the first time that McDonald’s has tried to add camembert to their menu. Does anyone recall the McDonald’s cheese melt dippers? This had the cheese deep fried with accompanying spicy tomato sauce. They also had a line of gourmet cheeseburgers featuring camembert (but also comte, raclette, and chèvre) back in 2013. This is the first time, however, that they have tried to pair it with their teriyaki flavored burger.

    Retailing at 390 yen, these are a limited edition burger so get to your local Japanese McDonalds to give it a try. Some lucky tasters have said that the cheese flavor is underwhelming and overpowered by the teriyaki sauce. However, I would love to know what you think! Itadakimasu!

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