Enjoy Spring the Japanese Way: Hanami Party

  • Since Spring has officially arrived in Japan, most people try to make the most out of the beautiful weather. Many people are anticipating on this season because of the warm temperature in contrast to what they have been experiencing for the past couple of months during Winter. And aside from the warm and mild climate, people are also looking forward on seeing the blooming of the beautiful Cherry Blossoms or “Sakura”.

    Cherry Blossoms can be seen almost in every street around Japan. They can come into different shades of White to Pink. And I must say that every shades are just evenly mesmerizing. In addition to this beautiful season, Many Japanese and even Foreign people try to enjoy by doing this what they call as “Hanami Party”.

    Hanami literally means “Flower viewing”. It is an occurrence which every Japanese loves to enjoy and unwind. It is commonly referred to as “Hanami Party” or “Cherry blossoms viewing Party”. It involves setting out a big picnic blanket or blue tarp while enjoying food and drinking combined with good conversation among the people you enjoy with under the dazzling atmosphere of Cherry blossom trees. The custom was said to have started during the Nara Period when the Chinese Tang Dinasty influenced Japan in a lot of ways and then on, it has been passed to modern times.

    It is most popular among company workers, families and friends or if you are lucky enough, you will just be invited by people who have already settled themselves under. Hanami Parties have been exercised for how many centuries until today. And it has been very convenient for everybody since Parks have been accessible around the place, it can be just a few minute walk from houses, companies and stations.

    Every year, Blooming of Cherry blossom trees are forecasted by weather bureau and are much anticipated by everyone who plans to have Hanami Parties. It seems that the splendid atmosphere of Cherry blossom trees make many people get higher than usual. Cherry blossoms bloom from Late March until Early start of May. But sad to note, Cherry blossom flowers only last for a very short time. Flowers tend to fell down and be carried away by the wind which makes it extra beautiful and looked like snow flakes from afar at the same time.

    So what are you waiting for? Spring is calling everybody to experience this wonderful yet simple celebration the Japanese way. You don’t need to prepare much, just make sure to hand in yourself and a bunch of stories with you.