New McSweets Items from McDonald’s Japan Are Here! What Regional Flavors Did They Use This Time?

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  • McDonald’s Japan has just released new items for their McSweets line. The new products are Uji Matcha Azuki McFlurry and Hokkaido Milk Pie. The two new menu items incorporate the much-loved ingredients sourced from regions in Japan!

    The new McFlurry flavor and pie flavor are part of the menu for McSweets which is a new lineup by McDonald’s. The menu of McSweets specifically emphasizes utilizing regional specialty ingredients. The first product released for the McSweets line was McShake Honey Lemon in February 2016.

    Uji Matcha Azuki McFlurry

    In 2013, McDonald’s Japan released a limited edition Matcha Oreo McFlurry which combines matcha, vanilla ice cream, and pieces of the ever popular Oreo chocolate biscuits. The flavor made a return to the menu of McDonald’s Japan in 2014. In 2016, you can expect a matcha flavored Mcflurry without the addition of Oreo cookies. Instead, you will be seeing azuki beans in the new McFlurry flavor, which is more like a traditional combination of ingredients. The ingredients for Uji Matcha Azuki McFlurry include powdered green tea sauce from Uji which is a region known for producing high-quality matcha, and also azuki beans from Hokkaido. The price for this delectable treat is 280 yen.

    Hokkaido Milk Pie

    Along with the new McFlurry, there will also be another new addition which is the Hokkaido Milk Pie, priced at 120 yen. The pie has a cream filling which is sourced from Hokkaido’s fresh milk. Hokkaido is famous in Japan for producing delicious dairy products.

    As the menu items for McSweets will be limited edition, you can expect that the Uji Matcha Adzuki McFlurry and the Hokkaido Milk Pie will not be here for long. The pie will be available nationwide starting on the 29th of March 2016 until late April 2016. However, the McFlurry will be on sale a little longer, starting from the 29th of March 2016 until mid-May 2016.

    The new offerings from McDonald’s Japan seem very appealing especially for those who want to savor the delicious regional specialty ingredients! It is just too bad that the items are limited edition as it seems like they would to be able to be successful products!

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