Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! at Its Cafe This April 2016!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! was one of the popular trading card games, manga, and anime shows that became a part of our childhood along with Pokemon. Kids in Japan, even nowadays, are also familiar with the franchise as it has evolved over the course of time releasing new storylines and new characters that some of us just don’t know anymore.

    With Yu-Gi-Oh’s upcoming 20th anniversary, the popular franchise will be opening a collaboration cafe that fans of both the past and present releases will be happy with, bringing a more nostalgic feeling for the older fans!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Collaboration Cafe

    To commemorate YuGiOh’s 20th anniversary, the collaboration cafe will be held at the AnimePlaza Ikebukuro Branch from April 2nd, 2016. The interior of the cafe will be designed with the TV anime’s characters and a large scale monitor will also stream the show for guests. There will also be food, drinks and original goods to choose from.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Menu


    There is quite a selection of food and drinks to choose from, with each collaboration drink having closely similar features to the character’s of Yu-Gi-Oh.

    The food menu also looks appetizing with selections like Anzu’s Cheese Hamburger or Jack Atlas’ Special Synchro Don. And the dessert menu will also make you want to order one of the sweet dishes too! For each order from the menu, you’ll also receive a luncheon mat or coaster as a present.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Original Goods

    You can also opt to buy from the variety of original goods available like badges, acrylic chains, diorama stands, posters and much more!

    For the young adults like me who loved the earlier series, no doubt you still remember Seito Kaiba’s Blue Eyes White Dragon and Yami Yugi’s Dark Magician, right? Well if you’re up for a bit of nostalgia you should check out Yu-Gi-Oh’s collaboration cafe once they open. If you know a bit of Japanese then all the better because they’re taking reservations already so go check it out!

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