Japanese are crazy about pets!

  • Japan is a pets power. Pets are family to people, and we can say dogs and cats are still strongest of all pets. Nowadays, the number of dogs and cats has outnumbered children under 15.


    What attracts us Japanese human beings about living with their pets?

    1. Pets have great healing power.

    We work to live, we endure some hardship to be an adult, and we hurt each other.
    Japanese, especially, work very hard and many of them are stressed out.
    Then, pets are perfect to heal your hearts.

    They try to get into your bed when they are sleepy, and stick to you like superglue.
    When you get home, your dog explode in joy with moving their whole body.
    When something lets you down, your cat is always beside you without a word.
    It will seem that your pets understand you most.

    2. Pets are best friends of your children

    If you have a child, pets will be the best friend, the best teacher and the best partner to them.
    Because of a serious problem about Japanese people not wanting a child, many of them grow pets with their only child.

    They play with your child every day, take a nap together after running around.
    You may see your child and your dog talking alone together sometimes.
    At the end, your pet will teach how important life is to your child by showing their death.

    If you have a child, they will learn something important by living with your pets.

    3. The Japanese society is getting easy for pet lovers

    Japan, a pet superpower, has been becoming a pet-friendly country there years.
    You can easily find an apartment that allows you to live with your pets.
    Also your pets can have a body massage at a pet salon, and you can even go for a trip with them because some hotels accept your pets to stay with you, moreover they have wonderful food for pets as well as yours.

    Did anything above make you want to have pets?
    If you desire to live animals, Japan can be a perfect place to make your dream come true some day.