3 Cool Vending Machines Not to Miss When Traveling Through Haneda Airport!

  • We all know that Japan is a cool country with plenty of innovative technology being used everywhere. And one of the most noticeable things in Japan is the large variety of vending machines available in almost every street corner!

    From cool to some of the weirdest items you can think of, Japan has created a vending machine for almost everything. But of course, there are some vending machines that aren’t available everywhere. With increasing international flights arriving in Haneda Airport and with easy access to the city center, you may notice that some vending machines available there won’t be found in other places. Check out the 3 cool vending machines below that should not be missed if you find yourself at Haneda Airport!

    Toyama Prefecture Vending Machine

    Traveling to Toyama can be a little too far out to the west of Tokyo but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the goods from the prefecture. With food and useful items like the popular Kerorin body towel, picking just one may prove to be difficult. But if you like a snack while waiting, I’d recommend the Sachi no Kowake Hotaru Ika or the Sachi no Kowake Senbei.

    Latte Art Vending Machine

    There’s a vending machine inside Haneda that dispenses Latte Art Coffee and it’s actually the first kind of vending machine that is able to do it. It costs 200 yen but there are also other drink selections to can choose from.

    Ema Vending Machine

    If you have had the chance to visit several shrines in Japan, you’ll notice a certain area that’s filled with wooden plaques called Ema (絵馬) where you can write prayers or wishes on them.


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    Near the Nihonbashi Bridge inside the airport, you’ll find the Ema Vending Machine which sells these wooden plaques (Ema) for 500 yen each and has a wall full of Emas as well.

    So, if you arrive into Japan via Haneda Airport, check out these 3 cool vending machines to further add to your Japan experience!

    Please note, these vending machines were open in March 2016 but may not be available as of 2017.

    Haneda Airport Website


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